Multi-Family Global Summit

Join our 3 Day virtual event, on October 15th-17th presented by My Core Intentions.  We have over 20 industry speakers providing you insider secrets on Multi-Family investing. Don’t miss this chance to develop your business. Register now.


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Over 20 Brilliant Speakers

Event Schedule


  • Group Participation
  • Livestream Access
  • 14 Speakers
  • Great Value


  • Group Participation
  • Livestream Access
  • On Demand Access
  • Cash Flow Virtual Game Access
  • Bonus Session
  • Multiple Room Access
  • Expert Panels
  • Deal Analysis
  • Discount On Training Program



Whats the difference between General Admission and VIP Access?2020-09-10T01:45:54-05:00

General Admission will have access to the group discussion on Facebook, and the live stream of everything that is happening in Room 1.


VIP Access ticket holders will join us for a Wednesday evening special welcome session. They will also get to choose between the two rooms during the event and have many other benefits that you see listed on the ticket details. You will also special discounts on the future offer. And of course, you’ll get access to the event recordings so you can rewatch any of the sessions.

The first 100 VIPs will get to join the virtual Cash Flow game.

How Will I Attend The Event?2020-09-04T21:07:12-05:00

General Admission:   You will be given a Facebook group link where you can join and watch the Facebook live video feed during all of the days of the website.

VIP Access: You have the choice of joining us on Facebook live, or if you would prefer the more engaging Zoom link. Check out the numerous other benefits of your VIP ticket.

Can I Upgrade From A General Admission Ticket To A VIP Ticket?2020-09-04T21:08:16-05:00

Yes, you will be allowed to upgrade to VIP to the start of the event on October 15th.

Can I Rewatch Portions Of The Event?2020-09-04T21:30:47-05:00

General Admission: No. This is only available to VIP ticket holders.


** VIP ONLY **

Yes, as a VIP you will have all access to every event session.  A link will be forwarded to you to watch or listen to all sessions at a more convenient time for yourself.

Purchasing a VIP ticket provides you with over many hours of professional content, even after the event is over.

When Does The Event Start?2020-09-04T21:12:19-05:00

General Admission: The general session begins October 15th, 2020 at 9:30 am CST

VIP ONLY: Welcome session on Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 evening at 7:00 pm CST, and 9:30 am CST for the main event.

Who Should Attend?2020-09-04T21:51:34-05:00

All real estate investors whether brand new just thinking of buying their first real estate investment or a seasoned professional who owns and operates thousands of units.   All real estate professionals who are passionate about having a multifamily business and life that they love.

You should attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

Is there a money back guarantee?2020-09-04T21:14:34-05:00

All ticket sales are final.  There are no refunds. As this is a virtual event it is not feasible to offer refunds, partial credits, or returns.

Please contact us if you have any other questions about the event.

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